Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Saturday we celebrated the engagement of our dear friends Sammy and Nicole.  Their engagement party was so lovely.  Food, drinks, desserts, gorgeous flora, great music and a cozy outdoor setting.  It was such a wonderful way to spend the day.  The best part was seeing two people so happy together.  You could feel the love of everyone there in the air.
The handsome couple Sammy + Nicole and their dog, Purnie.

Sammy's Mom Bette and Chloe, were so smitten.

Childhood friends.

Wanna see more?  Check it out: An Engagement Party.


Anonymous said...

I love these newly engaged couples - after having Lexi it just makes me even more excited about seeing people I love taking that next step in becoming a family. They have so much to look forward to :).

Roxana Lopez Photography said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice time at the party. I love your yellow ensemble :) So cute!

Nicole said...

Lisa, you're so sweet! Thanks for everything - for bringing cutie Chloe (who was a hit at the party!), for taking fantastic pictures, for always being so thoughtful. You're an amazing woman and you have an amazing family - we're so glad to have you as our dear friends!

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