Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

And earlier today...

...this was all little miss was concerned with.  Sitting in the glider with her "babies" and a special new bunny.  Oh, the joy on her face when she is playing mommy.  I melt.

Tea anyone?

Grandma and Grandpa Locklin are in town, which always means lots of spoiling.  For ALL of us.  In the best possible way.  They are so fun to have to share stories and special times with their favorite (and only) grandchild.  And somehow they seem to add a little extra excitement around every corner.  Like buying our little lady this sweet little table and chair set.  Oh do we love Pottery Barn kids!  That store is so much fun (and not just for the kids).   So when Kevin got home from work, he promptly got it put together.  We are all ready for what is sure to be one splendid tea-filled, coloring, crafting weekend.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Pouring her snack on the carpet.  Clearly a good idea? 

This moment right here, made my whole day. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 2.

Chloe with her new bunny. 

A special dress from Grandma Locklin.

Simple lazy days at home.  That is how we started out our time with Grandma and Grandpa.  After only a couple days we are feeling recuperated with some much needed rest.  It's amazing how much more I can get done and still rest with extra hands around.  Chloe is loving the time with Grandma and Grandpa, even though we've had some challenging days.  Let's just say it seems like the Two's have arrived since Chloe turned a year and a half.  We hear "No!" most of the day.  And that is a word I try to avoid, by instead telling her what she can do.  Or giving age appropriate options.  My patience is tested daily.  I guess it's another place for me to grow.  Argh! 

Yesterday however, she was a doll the whole day.  She even took a 2 hour nap.  We played for hours in a friends backyard and our bloom collected grapefruit from the citrus trees that filled their yard.  It was a magical evening.  You could feel spring in the air.

While everyone enjoyed dinner, I snuck away to attend my first grief support group.  I was so nervous but the time was well spent with other women working through the loss of their mothers.  It's amazing the bond you feel with strangers who connect so deeply with a similar loss.  It was nice to hear how others were coping and learning from them.  I think it will be a nice place to collect strength.  I sure need it these days.  My energy seems to be dragging. 

How I long for the wisdom of my mom during these learning years as a mother.  I pray daily for guidance and assurance that I am giving my best effort.  Sometimes even when you don't have all the answers, you just need a pat on the back.  Giving it your all is what we are called to do as parents, right?

Welcome Grandparents.

Homemade pizza, salad and a mellow night on the patio is how we welcomed Kevin's parents to town this weekend.  As always, we are so happy to have guests in town.  I still have many photos from weekends past to share.  We have had company more than half the  the 5 months we've lived here.  Which we love! 

Here we are catching up and soaking up some fresh air.  We are taking in as much fresh air as we can until the weather really heats up.  I've been warned that one's first summer in Phoenix is quite a shock.  I'm still thinking positively.  No harm in that, right?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pinterst. Are you addicted yet?

I sure am.  See what all the hype is about here.


She keeps us laughing.  Yesterday, she turned 18 months old.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Since I mostly blog about our family, I rarely share other blogs or schedule what I'm going to write.  I either feel it and write or I don't.  Today, before getting into bed I was inspired by the message in this blog by the talented mother, photographer and writer, Kelle Hampton.  In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Day,  I wanted to share what she her message from today's post: 3-21, 2012

Her sweet daughter's words may bring a tear to your eye, like they did mine.  It also helps me build knowledge for how to teach my growing daughter about the differences between us.  She'll come to me one day and ask me lots of why's.  When faced with questions about our differences, I can recall the lovely words of 4 year old Lainey, "Some people wear blue shirts. Some people wear green shirts."  Those differences shouldn't divide us.  The similarities in our core are what make us all the same.  It is what It's as simple as that. 

All we really need it Love.

To read more, follow: 

I started following her blog recently.  She has book coming out soon, titled Bloom Finding Beauty in the Unexpected-A Memoir  I've read excerpts and it sounds incredibly rich with lessons of the heart.

I have my copy on pre-order.  Why not reach deeper to find more gratitude?  I'm certainly always looking for ways to find more beauty in every moment.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Did you wear your green?

Oh and on St. Patrick's Day, we wore green.  But drank no green beer, ate no green eggs and ham, did nothing Irish.  I even forgot to pinch anyone all day.  That's my favorite part!

But we did this silly photo shoot, just because we could.  Chloe holding up her"baby" puzzle piece in the last photo was so spontaneous and hysterical. 

What did you do?  My nine loyal readers. 

Desert Botanicals.

Hand-in-hand with my little cutie, we went to the Desert Botanical Garden .  It was the perfect weather.  Brisk, crystal clear skies and lots of sun.  We visited the Butterfly Pavilion, there was not a lot of movement.  I guess warm weather stimulates them.  It was about 55 degrees, not so warm (if you ask me?).

It was a simple day, soaking in the fresh air and checking out all the cacti, squirrels, quail, and butterflies we could.  Then lunch.  Oh my, the sweet potato, avocado, black bean, green pepper, wrap I had was so delish!  I will have to duplicate this at home.  Try it!  The combination boasts the best lunch I've had in a looong time.  I washed it down with a iced prickly pear tea.  I've always gotta try the local beverage.  Also, delish.

"Butterfly", a new and so cute pronounced word.

The just rain cleared sky.

One delicious sweet potato veggie wrap, oh my yum!

Marching over to (try) touch the cacti I JUST pulled her away from.

Dale Chihuly blown glass.

Our new (and only) pet, Ruffles.

We were entertained for most of the day, Chloe took a nap on the ride there and back (Score!), a delicious and nutritious lunch, and I came home with this lovely plant.  Isn't this Rock Flower Paper, planter cover so fun?  Motivation has not been my strong suit these days, so I call this forget-it-all, relaxing afternoon an extra big success for us.  Aren't those days nice?

I look forward to returning when the wildflowers are really in bloom.  Spring will really be buzzing by then.
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