Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A little walk.

We've been away from home for a few days visiting the parents.  Kevin is out of town so it was also nice to have some extra hands to love, snuggle and help with our little bloom.  It was great to spend time with them, rest, and have delicious homemade (and some favorite take-out) meals too.  We have a wonderful family and got spoiled by their love (as usual).  The 80 mile drive home always is bittersweet.  I already miss family time but coming home is so, so sweet.  Where it is just our little family. 

I had to immediately get down to the business of reuniting with the sand.  I don't know if we'll ever be able to part with our 800 square foot rental.  Being almost a stones throw to the ocean is just complete bliss no matter how cramped our closets get. 

Kevin arrives home from Arrowhead tomorrow.  We, (especially I) can't wait.   

*Some very simple (iPhone) photography.

Melts my heart.

Our neighbors sweetest smelling roses, ever!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pin It.

I have a new obsession.  I call this site a blessing and a curse.  I've waited for something like this for what feels like eons.  I am the archivist type.  No joke, I have a folder full of home decor clippings for our one day abode and I'm constantly bookmarking favorite items or gift ideas.  It's just what I do.  Pinterest.com is a site made for people like me.  It's basically a virtual corkboard.  The even better part is no messy filing.  You can get inspiration from other peoples ideas too.  It's basically, awesome. 

Check it out, you may just become a pinning addict too.

What am I pinning, you might ask?  You can follow me here to see more like these beauties:
Ruffled Purse.

Decor ideas.
Keepsake Plans.

 Other people are lovin' the pinspiration too.

Really, 8 Months?

8 months have come and gone so quickly I can hardly believe it.  Chloe was sick over her 8 monthiversary on Saturday, so I didn't take the usual monthly picture of her.  Today fresh from her morning nap, I decided to catch up and snap a few shots.  I decided to go for simple, all baby, no frills this time.  She looks so angelic in all white.  Babies in white onesies are so precious, don't you think?

The rest of the afternoon we spent with the Russos at the park.  Swinging, sunshine and sittin' in the grass.  Then home for a nap and the endless search for a bathing suit for Hawaii.  Yep, our trip is booked, mid-July we take air for Oahu.  The sandy beaches and blue water are already calling my name.  Now if I can just find appropriate (and cute) swimwear.  Does anyone have any tips for post-pregnancy swimwear that doesn't look...well, post-pregnancy?

We still have 6 weeks until we leave, so plenty of time to hit the gym and get my fit on.  Then will be soaking up some rays with Mai Tai's in hand.  Check out our hotel, The Kahala Resort, pretty dreamy.  I can't hardly wait.
No joke.  The Wheatfield.

I'm already getting our bags packed.
Gap Straw Tote was a must.
Of course Chloe & I have matching beach totes.
And I still am anticipating my babe in this cute ruffly piece on the beach. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We just received our first delivery from Farm Fresh To You.  Between homemade baby food, packing my hunny's lunch and a need for healthy snacks on hand, our grocery trips have increased lately.

Random fact: I love grocery shopping.  So many people don't but I love meandering the aisles pondering up our next family meal.  It seems as of late that every time I try to make a run for the store, Chloe is napping, or ready for a nap and with no more snap n' go car seat she can't easily snooze in the marketplace like before.  It is totally possible but a bit more of a process to shop on a frequent basis.

Let's just say, organic produce delivery to our front door at a totally affordable rate has rocked my domestic world.  With my fridge stocked and fruit bowl overflowing it is all about healthy, delicious and fat-free snacking around here.  We will be Hawaii ready in no time.  Gulp, I hope.
Look what we've been snacking on.  Yum!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

It was a celebration sort of weekend.  We had plans of a special brunch for Kevin's mom but with little misses fever still in the 101degree range we stayed home to rest and brought the party here.  Yellow curry, Tom Kha soup, Pad Kra Prow, YES please!  Thai Wave delivery to the rescue.  

I quickly pulled out some pretty plates and we had a festive feast.  One really great thing about grandma's is that they've been there before and we're perfectly content with staying in for the afternoon.  As long as long as they get to snuggle with the baby, right?  They know what it's all about, being together as a family.  Days like this one warm my heart.

Happy Birthday to one special Grandma and Mom.
You are the best Mom-in-law in the world!

You can't celebrate without making a wish.

Blackbird always makes my day.

Sweet Birthday Bash.

Chloe's friends are having birthday's left and right.  It is so fun to watch these little ones grow and see their skills and personalities develop.  Usually the social butterfly, our little lady was so sleepy and snugly during the party.  A few hours after coming home we realized she had come down with a fever. (Yikes, we spent the afternoon with tons other babies, I hope we didn't unknowingly infect anyone.)  Other than that,
the day was perfection. 

Sunny skies, an authentic taco bar, home brew on tap, cheerful decor, sugary cupcakes, friends and one darling baby girl turning one!  

*And one very special green balloon.

Isn't Kristy one gorgeous mama?

Alyssa's first word was kitty, so this cake was so perfect & darling.

The cutest cupcakes around.

The Little Gym friends.

Happy first Birthday beautiful Aly!

and she's going...



An almost grad celebration.

It was an eventful weekend.  We started it off Friday evening with the UCI FEMBA (aka, fully employed MBA) program's awards banquet.  We asked our friends the Morgan's to stay with Chloe while we met up with the rest of Kevin's classmates at the Newport Marriot for dinner and awards.  We were so happy to know our babe was in good hands and I'm sure it was good practice for Chris and Lisa, who will become parents later this summer.  We were glad to hear Chloe was on her best behavior.  We enjoyed time reminiscing about the last three years with the fellow soon-to-be grads.  They are an amazing group and we have met some incredible lifelong friends. 

The countdown to graduation is on, 19 days til graduation!

Erin and Joel.

Raj and Alpa.

Jenna and Matt.

Many of the A-mazing group A students.

Alpa, Kevin and Julie, class representative extraordinaire.

Kevin felt a little out of place...

...so I stepped in.  These ladies are great!

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