Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An almost grad celebration.

It was an eventful weekend.  We started it off Friday evening with the UCI FEMBA (aka, fully employed MBA) program's awards banquet.  We asked our friends the Morgan's to stay with Chloe while we met up with the rest of Kevin's classmates at the Newport Marriot for dinner and awards.  We were so happy to know our babe was in good hands and I'm sure it was good practice for Chris and Lisa, who will become parents later this summer.  We were glad to hear Chloe was on her best behavior.  We enjoyed time reminiscing about the last three years with the fellow soon-to-be grads.  They are an amazing group and we have met some incredible lifelong friends. 

The countdown to graduation is on, 19 days til graduation!

Erin and Joel.

Raj and Alpa.

Jenna and Matt.

Many of the A-mazing group A students.

Alpa, Kevin and Julie, class representative extraordinaire.

Kevin felt a little out of place...

...so I stepped in.  These ladies are great!

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Nicole said...

Beautiful pic of you and Kevin. You look gorgeous!

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