Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a few minutes...

...completely alone.  kevin went out to pick up our stocking stuffers with chloe.  i may still have a cold but i plan on relishing in a few hours to relax before the holidays begin. 

the plan:
a long hot shower, dancing around the house to some loud music & then peacefully sipping some warm cocoa by the tree.  perhaps a half hour of sleep.  you can tell i'm a new mom if i have "a plan" for my free time.  i better hurry up and start relaxing...

thanks hunny!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

packing it all up.

just a little reminder (for myself really) as i pack up almost the whole house to leave for the holidays...only one week away from home,  do i need to bring everything in the nursery?

magical daydreams

 since becoming a mother the one thing i really miss is having the time to work on my art & craft (okay, i yearn for sleep too).  really until she's older and we can work on things together, i have teeny little bits of time that i usually use to clean up the house, make phone calls or take a nap.   this mom came up with the perfect way to be creative and still take good care of the little one.  i'm starting to get ideas of my own...we'll see if i can get creative on 4 hours of sleep.  i thought this image was perfect for this weeks rainstorms. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

i love these two

this weather is perfect for lazy days at home with a newborn.  though in about a day or two i'll really be itching to get outdoors.  i miss our walks and the fresh beach air.  tonight, though i'm exhausted from one teeny, tiny, bouncy little girl, i'm so content to just cozy up on the sofa with these two.  (and hope that this sore throat is just passing through.)

anyone else super excited about christmas?  we are!

Friday, December 17, 2010

it's almost here.

this christmas means so much more to me than any other i've celebrated yet.  the joy of watching our beautiful little girl grow and snuggling her to pieces.  an incredibly loving and healthy husband by my side.  somedays i'm so tired especially as i learn all it takes to be a mama but i can't help but feel so LUCKY to have them.

with christmas a week away.  i'm happy to be done with our decorating, shopping and wrapping (almost).  now just got to get those christmas cards in the mail...we're a little behind on that.  sunday we'll celebrate just us three with a cozy night in before heading to temecula for the festivites.  the plan: a holiday meal cooked by moi; our first served on our wedding china.  accompanied by a warm fire, a cup of cocoa and some christmas jingles.

here is a sneak preview of our christmas pictures taken by my dear friend, photographer roxana lopez.   this girl is super talented.

Monday, December 13, 2010

movember success.

together kevin and i fund-raised (is that a word?)  $895 buckaroos for the livestrong and the prostate cancer foundation.  we hope it will make a dent in research to help change the face of men's health.

thank you all for your support!

here is chloe representing and supporting her daddy in the cause.

a new favorite.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a little sparkle

we have so much to be thankful for.  most days when i really reflect, i realize that i am blessed beyond what i could have imagined. 
this thanksgiving we celebrated with an amazing feast prepared by the whole family and generously hosted by kevin's parents. 

here are a few favorites of chloe on her first thanksgiving.  she sure did get a lot of attention that day.  she loved being snuggled and passed around the family.  she even napped for about two hours in the moby with grandpa bergman.  he was delighted!  and check out the shots of snuck of kevin and our little bloom; you can't pose these kinds of moments.  i'm not sure which one is more in love?  more pictures of the whole family coming soon. 

okay and i couldn't resist a little sparkle with this adorable sweater dress.  i wish it came in my size too.
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