Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby on the way, August 2013!

A few weeks before Christmas our prayers were answered, with confirmation that we have another little one on the way this year.  We kept our lips tightly sealed so we could reveal the news to our families on Christmas day.  When our parents unwrapped this photo of the three (four) of us.  It was a sweet moment filled with cheers and tears by all of us.  (Quietly, in my heart, I yearned for my mom to be there.)

Nausea kicked in full gear a few days after Christmas and we've been just doing our best to rest and wait out the first trimester.  I was totally caught off guard because I don't remember having a moment of sickness with Chloe.  This time it's a whole other story.  But, I'll save you my woes,  I get just too whiny when I think about it.  And let's face it, I can't think of a single reason to complain about and beautiful new soul entering our lives.

Here we are now, week 16 and I'm slowing coming out of hibernation.  Feeling stronger and more excited by the day.  As cheesy as it sounds, my heart seriously swells at the thought of holding another little love in my arms.

Photographs my Lisa Lytton Photography.

Happy 2013!

I have so many favorites, I couldn't just share a few. Our dear friend Lisa Lytton is a very talented photographer here in Phoenix. We met her at Market Street in DC Ranch to catch some candid shots of our little family. I was so happy with every shot she took and the crisp bright colors and natural lighting look so fresh. I can't wait to get one printed large scale for our new home, perhaps us laying in the grass.

Christmas. A look back at two months ago.

Visits with cherished friends.

Our first night in our first home.  A priceless moment.  

Heavy lifting.

Indian Food with Grandpa Pops.

Night before Christmas jammies.  Traditions continue.

Tired Santa working hard to assemble this tricycle.

How lucky is Chloe to have them in her life.

Always making me laugh.

A house full of love at my In Laws.

She loves her Uncle Matt. 

Chloe couldn't get enough of Grandma Locklins six Christmas trees.

Flour Fusion, Wildomar, CA.  Have you been?

With Tia!  These two have the sweetest exchanges.

Drippy candles, Italian food and this man.  A dreamy night.

Birthday date night with my handsome man.  He's born on the 27th of December  

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