Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We just received our first delivery from Farm Fresh To You.  Between homemade baby food, packing my hunny's lunch and a need for healthy snacks on hand, our grocery trips have increased lately.

Random fact: I love grocery shopping.  So many people don't but I love meandering the aisles pondering up our next family meal.  It seems as of late that every time I try to make a run for the store, Chloe is napping, or ready for a nap and with no more snap n' go car seat she can't easily snooze in the marketplace like before.  It is totally possible but a bit more of a process to shop on a frequent basis.

Let's just say, organic produce delivery to our front door at a totally affordable rate has rocked my domestic world.  With my fridge stocked and fruit bowl overflowing it is all about healthy, delicious and fat-free snacking around here.  We will be Hawaii ready in no time.  Gulp, I hope.
Look what we've been snacking on.  Yum!

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Tracy said...

I wish they delivered in my area! I've already looked into it after your facebook post! Fruit and veggies are so hard to keep up with. It basically requires a daily trip to the store to keep it fresh! That bowl of fruit looked SO good!

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