Monday, June 25, 2012

For the dads.

I've been saving this ombre dress for a special day.

Falling asleep while she eats.  Too funny!

Two very happy Grandpas. 

We thought candles would add extra fun.

Wanting more ice cream.  That face.

My mom-in-law is an amazing host.  Always welcoming everyone into their home.  We had a mellow afternoon at their place to celebrate the dads.  My grandfather and step dad couldn't make it but we had a nice time just relaxing over a feast of enchiladas, chile rellenos, beans and rice.  This is what we miss most about being away from family, mellow time just being together.  Here is a little snap shot of our day.  Did I mention the weather was breathtaking?  I was.

Father's Day 2012.

Our little bloom chose this cards for her Dada on Father's Day.  I tell you she is so crazy about her Dada.  It is the sweetest to watch those two play and interact.  The octopi card Chloe selected was perfect.  Kevin is a do it all, hands on kind of dad.  But what I love most is that he is all about family.  Together is exactly where he wants to be.

One thing that surprised me about becoming a parent is how much my love for my husband would grow.  Seeing him as a father, well,  it melts me.

We drove back to California for a short weekend to be with our dads.  We also had a memorial for a very dear friends Mother to attend.  The weekend had a lot of mixed emotions but we felt at home to be with those we love, no matter what the occasion.  It's all about togetherness.

Kevin and I have fathers who really love and care for us.  It's fun to watch our relationships keep growing as they have become grandparents.  Our little lady is not lacking in love from these men in her life, it abounds.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!
(Even though it was 2 weeks ago.  One day I'll be caught up-ha!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


While we were in Portland, Kevin made this robot for Chloe.  She is so smitten with him and asks all day long to play with him.  Kevin knows how to operate the little guy so she has to wait for him to come home before they can play.  It cracks me up how much these two enjoy this time together.  It's so fun to watch. 

Chloe wanted a "family" photo with robot, so here you go!

Portland. part two.

My sister is always the most gracious host.  Sharing all of her gorgeous two room studio with me and little Chloe.  It's prewar charm and my sister's well traveled eclectic decor were so cozy.  It was so nice to wake up and go to bed with her nearby like we did when we were kids.  I'm ready to plan our next trip.  Maybe Kevin can join us next time.  He often stays behind to hold down the fort and work, how nice (and responsible) of him.  He really is the best.  Oh and don't worry Sis, we will book a hotel if there is three of us next time.
Posing like she owns the place.
This never happens.  I had to document it.

And what would make our trip even better?  A weekend with my aunts and cousins too!  Yep, my dad's sisters and my cousins all traveled Portland so we could spend the weekend together.  We shopped, antiqued, barbequed and relaxed.  Us girls know how to eat, relax and shop.  It was so nice to be together.  My Auntie Diane hosted us ladies and be had so much fun catching up while Chloe and Kinsey frolicked in her huge green garden of a yard.  I hope we can make these girls get togethers more frequent.  I know we all would love this. 

We also spent one afternoon visiting the cemetery in their hometown.  We brought flowers for my grandparents and my Uncle Barry.  We said goodbye to my Auntie Karen who passed away last September.  We will greatly miss her child-like spirit.  It was nice to remember her and pay tribute as I was not able to make it to her funeral.

I love these ladies.

With my beautiful cousin Morgan. 

Window shopping on NW 23rd.

With cousin Kinsey.  Best buddies after only an hour.

Sister Sister.

Sara's place.

My sister's study materials.  She is learning ancient Chinese.

Ready to go to the airport with Auntie Diane.

These two reuniting in the airport was so beyond cute.  Every day while we were away at some point Chloe would look at me and stick out her bottom lip in one big pout and say, "Dada." in near tears.  It was both sad and incredibly sweet.  This man is really loved by his girls.

Portland. 2 months back. part one.

We relished in Portlands unusually sunny weather this May while visiting my sister.  There are few things more fun than watching my sister swoop up our little bloom in an airport embrace.  Can't you just see the adoration?  It's mutual.

The flight was smooth sailing.  Other passengers often ask if this is her first flight as we are boarding the plane.  Surprisingly, our lucky lady has been on more than half a dozen flights.  It may be a different story come September when she no longer qualifies as a lap child and we pay for her seat also.  In the meantime, we are loving our travel adventures. 
My sisters place.  Come on, does it get prettier?

Looking very Pacific Northwest, aren't we?

Just the neighborhood park. 

What a nice Tia.

Every visit to Portland has to include a trip to Multnomah Falls.  It is exquisite.  And I've been going there since I was a babe.  After we parked, Chloe instantly rushed up the hill to to take in the rushing water.  Yep, she was smitten too.  
A serious cook, my sis makes EVERYthing from scratch.  Yum!

With our dear Fiebachs.

And we were lucky enough to get an invitation to see some of our favorite friends the Fiebachs.  really they are more like family.  Becky and Bruce have been friends with my parents since before I arrived on the scene.  How fun is that?  And our friendship has grown over years of spilled words and greeting cards that (always) arrive exactly on your special day.  Becky has impeccable timing and is so thoughtful.  Bruce is the description of enthusiasm.  With these two you instantly feel at home.  Dinner with them was such a treat.

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