Thursday, May 26, 2011

Really, 8 Months?

8 months have come and gone so quickly I can hardly believe it.  Chloe was sick over her 8 monthiversary on Saturday, so I didn't take the usual monthly picture of her.  Today fresh from her morning nap, I decided to catch up and snap a few shots.  I decided to go for simple, all baby, no frills this time.  She looks so angelic in all white.  Babies in white onesies are so precious, don't you think?

The rest of the afternoon we spent with the Russos at the park.  Swinging, sunshine and sittin' in the grass.  Then home for a nap and the endless search for a bathing suit for Hawaii.  Yep, our trip is booked, mid-July we take air for Oahu.  The sandy beaches and blue water are already calling my name.  Now if I can just find appropriate (and cute) swimwear.  Does anyone have any tips for post-pregnancy swimwear that doesn't look...well, post-pregnancy?

We still have 6 weeks until we leave, so plenty of time to hit the gym and get my fit on.  Then will be soaking up some rays with Mai Tai's in hand.  Check out our hotel, The Kahala Resort, pretty dreamy.  I can't hardly wait.
No joke.  The Wheatfield.

I'm already getting our bags packed.
Gap Straw Tote was a must.
Of course Chloe & I have matching beach totes.
And I still am anticipating my babe in this cute ruffly piece on the beach. 


Nicole said...

Love her gummy smile! Can this girl get any cuter?

Sara B said...

these are my favorite pics yet! hiiii Clo Clo!

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