Friday, May 6, 2011

At the Zoo.

First trip to the zoo.

Today we took an impromptu visit to the Santa Ana Zoo with our friends from The Little Gym.  They called this morning to invite us and we decide to pack up and join the fun.  It was a great afternoon to be outdoors and spend time with friends.  This was Chloe's first trip to the zoo.  At this point I enjoyed it more than she did but soon she'll be able to check out all the animals.  The zoo was small and quaint and had such a great nature feel to it. It was great to spend time with these ladies. All four of these babies side by side was so cute.
Kristy & Alyssa. - Denay & Michael.
Amy & Dakota.

The cuteness hurts.


Roxana Lopez Photography said...

How fun and what a beautiful day :) Your looking great Lump!

Tracy said...

Can she get any cuter? Geez! We love going to the zoo over here. As soon as Chloe starts learning her animals, it's going to become a whole new adventure. You're going to want to go every weekend. : )

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