Saturday, September 24, 2011

And just like that...

...we are off on a new adventure.  Kevin recently got a new job, hallelujah!  Especially since a few days prior to that, he was laid off, along with a lot of other people.  We feel very fortunate he was able to find a new position so quickly.  So, the only hitch is the new job is in Arizona.  Did I mention we move in two, yep, TWO weeks?  Thank goodness this relocation comes with a moving company or I'd be beside myself with packing so quickly.  

So the plan goes: we pack our bags (all the stuff we need with us for 30 days), the movers come and pack the rest.  Then there is all that garage purging we were gonna get to.  Do we try to make it happen or let the stuff travel along with us?  We will see how time goes and how much garage sale we can pack into one weekend.  Then we stay in a hotel here long enough to tidy up a little and do our walk through with the landlord, then we are off to the desert.  We stay in hotel once we arrive and the house hunt begins.  Wish us luck!

The idea of house hunting is super exciting.   We can get double our (800 sq. feet) for less than what we pay in rent here.  Huge bonus!  And I so enjoy looking at houses.  It will be fun to see what is out there and Kevin gets the week to look with us.  It will be a sort of mini vacation to at least all be together.  As long as I can relax and enjoy the hunt.  I have to admit it feels uneasy to not know were we are landing but I'm visualizing one very cute pad in my head.  I hope we walk right into this place I see in my head.

I'm gonna just say it, I'm totally overwhelmed by the idea of moving.  Kevin and I have weighed the pros and cons, and know we made the best decision for our family.  But it doesn't mean it was an easy one.  Neither of us has ever lived father than an hour from family, ever and all our friends are here.  Moving away from our cozy little seaside place is making me so nostalgic.  The salty air is so soothing.  And we can walk to all our favorite local spots.  The beach is just a stones throw from our front door.  I'm not gonna dwell on it but I just have to say, thinking about saying good bye to friends and family is pretty tough.  Even if it is a temporary sort of thing.  Yep, the project Kevin is working on is a 13-24 month thing.  We will be back before preschool starts.  Maybe with another babe in tow?  I said maybe.

Let the adventure begin.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our sweet bloom, she's ONE!

A super sentimental day for me today.  Our sweet bloom, she's one year old today.  I've been playing back moments of the last year in my head and looking at pictures of when she was teeny tiny.  A year flies by and carries with it some of the most wonderful moments of our lives so far.  Each year ahead will hold excitement but there is something so special, so fresh about the newness of a one year old and newbie parents.  We are just getting started.

Here she is, our lovely little Chloe.  Photographed by our dear friend, photographer Roxana Lopez.

Happy, happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!  You're ONE!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sweet Momsy.

I am so tired but have so much on my mind.  Life has been busy lately.  Busy changing.  I haven't updated about my mom in a while and thought I should share.  She continues to face challenges following her brain radiation in July.  The doctors expected some memory lapse, weakness, fatigue, and added medications to deal with side effects and keep edema down.  My sweet Momma is dealing with all of those and many more challenges on top of them. 

During a recent Dr. visit the recommendation based on her scans and pathology reports was more chemotherapy.  If she continued with the recommended treatment plan, this would be her 4 time with the whole regime.  And let's just say, for the record, that chemotherapy transfusion is pretty intense.  At this time we know the doctors recommendations are to prolong my moms life but we are pretty certain treatment right now that it will not enhance it.  We are looking into opportunities to enhance her life, keep her pain at bay and spend lots of loving time together.  None of us know what tomorrow holds, today is something to cherish.  Tomorrow, Chloe and I will travel to Temecula to spend a few days soaking up time with Gramsy. 

Keep your prayers and loving peaceful thoughts coming her way.  Our family so appreciates them. 

And just because, it made me smile and because tomorrow is Becky's birthday.  Happy Birthday Becky!   I had to share this adorable picture of my mom and her friend Becky back in their Bible College days.  These two have been friends since the 70's and have shared a bond that keeps going deeper.  There is nothing like true friends.  Aren't their smiles just radiant?  Still are.
My Mom (left) and dear friend Becky Fiebach back in the 70's.


In a few short weeks our little bloom will be ONE.  I can hardly believe how quick time has passed and how much she has grown.  There have been a lot of developments lately, they happen daily really.  It's tricky to keep up with the documenting. 

In the last few days Chloe consistently will use her sign language to tell us:
she is hungry by signing more or milk,
when she would like more,
and when she is all done.
It has been so helpful when she gets fussy to ask her if she is hungry and get a yes or no.  I'm so happy I decided to try a few signs, it has cut back on the guess work a lot.  Now I am excited to learn more signs to teach her. 

Our bloom has been babbling a lot too.  She has cooed for a long time but now she is really starting to imitate sounds and voice patterns.  She is even saying, "Dada" and "Mama", but not necessarily to us.  It melts our hearts just the same. 

Cruising from place to place in the house using the furniture as props keeps her entertained for hours.  We spend lots of time playing on the floor together and reading books.  She loves books and now turns the pages herself.  She has begun to point at objects she is learning.  Kevin is working on her recognition of a Robot in one of our books; typical Engineer.  wink.

Chloe has lots of energy and naps are still our biggest struggle.  I tell you this girl's energy seems boundless.  I wish it rubbed off on me.  I still feel really tired daily.  I guess it's just part of the package.  We are gaining more of a routine as I see her patterns change, though she really, really refuses to nap many days.  My back up plan is an afternoon drive.  A few minutes in the car and she is quickly lulled to sleep and I find a shaded spot to park and read.  It's not perfect but it works.  Last week I could hardly hold my eyes open while reading in the shade, I took a snooze too.  I can imagine we gave a few people passing by a giggle.

She laughs often, is really friendly, waving at people everywhere we go.  She is very determined and inquisitive.  I'm excited to see how her personality develops and grows.  Our little bloom has a lot of spunk.

I'm pretty certain the next year is gonna go by more quickly than this one has.  Sometimes I want time to stand still so I can hold onto her tininess.  

In the Sand.

We ate dinner with our feet in the sand last week.  Just because we can.  There was a beautiful pink sunset but boy was the wind chilly.  Summer nights like this one are what life is all about.

Table for two.

I'm 30.  sigh.  I feel like I've been here mentally for a few years now.  But it felt like a big deal once the day finally arrived.  My birthday was on the 28th of August, but I've been up to my ears in To-do's and busy taking care of my babes to blog.

My (super thoughtful) love planned the perfect, romantic, surprise outing to celebrate my entrance into a new decade, the big 3-Oh! There has been a lot going on, so something low key seemed just my speed.  Chloe entertained Kevin's parents while we went out on a birthday adventure.
My cute driver, with a surprise plan up his sleeves.

We dined for 2 uninterrupted hours.  It was amazing.

Our first surprise stop, dinner at Campanile, a favorite of mine since I last ate there 15 years ago.  Kevin remembered my mentioning it every time we drive by on La Brea.

Dinner was divine.  A quiet table, just us two, one delicious bottle of wine, one classic old fashioned waiter and phenomenal cuisine.  I had the Summer Squash and Ricotta Ravioli with Sage, Currants and Pine nuts.  Kevin had the Salmon with Roasted Red Pepper Risotto.  Are you hungry yet?  
I didn't get carded.  But the wine was divine.

Surprise #2- Kevin handed we our tickets to the show during dinner.  Cirque de Soleil has been on my must see list for a long time but I can't stand Vegas.  I know that is shocking for so many people.  Other than awesome food, I really would be content if I never returned to that city.  No crazy stories or anything, I'm more of a mellow kinda girlLittle did I know that their current show Iris just opened at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.  The show is an escape into another world.  A total must see.

Everything about the evening was fun, even our sprint to make it to the show on time was exhilarating.  Kevin had it all planned but at the same time it felt spontaneous and relaxed.  We could just be us two, out on a date and remember how much in love we are.  I have a sneaking feeling my thirties will be my favorite decade yet.
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