Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma!

It was a celebration sort of weekend.  We had plans of a special brunch for Kevin's mom but with little misses fever still in the 101degree range we stayed home to rest and brought the party here.  Yellow curry, Tom Kha soup, Pad Kra Prow, YES please!  Thai Wave delivery to the rescue.  

I quickly pulled out some pretty plates and we had a festive feast.  One really great thing about grandma's is that they've been there before and we're perfectly content with staying in for the afternoon.  As long as long as they get to snuggle with the baby, right?  They know what it's all about, being together as a family.  Days like this one warm my heart.

Happy Birthday to one special Grandma and Mom.
You are the best Mom-in-law in the world!

You can't celebrate without making a wish.

Blackbird always makes my day.

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Roxana Lopez Photography said...

What a fun little celebration! Trader Joes' sold or may still sell that mango with the sweet coconut milk rice in the frozen section. It's so delicious.

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