Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Life lately is mixed with the relief of cooling fall weather and the longing for days past.  Days when my mama was a phone call away and her comfort was something I innately knew.  The funny thing about the year anniversary of her passing, right around the corner is that, some days it feels like yesterday.  Other days I feel like I'm forgetting bits and pieces of her that I don't want to leave my mind and heart ever.  I'm praying and trusting that I'll remember what is important and that I'll also be reminded of lovely times I had forgotten.  I'll be honest there is a lot about her time ill that I'd be glad to forget.  The pain of it all is too much sometimes.     Though it never makes me miss her less, knowing she no longer suffers gives my heart ease.

I've made few plans for the next week because I'd like to have some space to give my feelings the time they need to work through this week ahead.  Finding my way through the past and looking forward to a new future.  That I know is bright.  I am cherishing the days at home with my little bloom, playing, crafting, looking for adventures.  One thing I know so well now, is how much I was loved by my mama.  I feel it when my heart aches like it will burst with love for my sweet daughter.  That's the thing about becoming a parent, you learn so much about the love (and frustration) of your own parents.  What a revelation it is.

So, here we are.  Soaking up the fresh fall air, looking for ways to have fun and spending time just being together, us three.  And I'm so happy to have my little bloom and her Dada beside me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trip to MacDonald's Ranch.

Her special horse, Felina.

Bird lover.

Cheesy family shot in the pumpkin patch, we had to.  Check out those cactus. 

It was hot and dusty but we made it out with some perfectly festive pumpkins.  And Chloe rode her first horse.  I could hardly reach her to hold her on to the horse as we walked a long, and she was totally silent until it was time to get off.  Then naturally, she wanted more.  I see more horse riding in our future.  The chickens were her favorite part of the petting zoo. This girl really is a bird lover.

And then we splashed!

Kevin with his darling Aunt Sheryl.

It was a simple party with a couple of our local friends.  Summer in Arizona is too hot to be anywhere but in the water.  And a splash party is so much more relaxing for parents of non-swimmers.  We had so much fun playing at the Scottsdale Quarter and had a light lunch and cupcake before every one was ready for a long afternoon nap.  What a great way to spend the day.

We are so happy to have met a few great friends.  I'm certain we'll be friends for many years to come.
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