Friday, February 25, 2011

Water For Elephants.

A great read and now I can't wait to see the magic of the movie.

5 Months

Our bloom is already five whole months old.
Her favs are:
. tummy time .
. peek-a-boo .
. children's folk songs .
. chewing .
. sophie le giraffe .
. snuggle time .
. reading .
. rolling .
. baths .
. bubbles .
and showing off her big gummy grin  & infectious giggles .

P.S. With the help of my friend Julie and my mom's sewing machine, I am learning how to sew.   I made this bench cushion last weekend.  It looks great in our hallway and has lots of storage.  My mom bought it in Portland when I was a babe and it was in my bedroom as a child.  I remember it spilling over with dress-up clothes.  Pieces with memories make a home feel so cozy.

DwellStudio® Mum Floral Hydrangea at JoAnn's.
I love Dwell Studio everything!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally...she's asleep.

I'm sure they'll be many more times where I have no idea what to do to soothe my sweet baby.  This evening was one of those.  Chloe had hardly napped and it was nearing 6:30pm.  The entire afternoon into the evening she cried and cried as she resisted falling asleep.  I tried everything...fresh air, walking around the house, bouncing, the swing, nursing, teething gel...nada!

Finally after I finished cooking dinner (one handed) she fell asleep in time for me to gulp down dinner.  I really don't like eating like that but I felt like I better hurry because she could stir at any moment.  It was the only real meal I had eaten all day.  Breakfast was a protein shake and lunch was an apple, popcorn and a couple bites of last nights leftover tofu stir-fry.  Not my idea of a balanced diet.

Once she was asleep I was on the phone my mom and she reminded me that there are gonna be moments like that where you don't know what to do as a parent.  Sometimes you end up crying right along with them and that's okay.  I felt so much peace in hearing her say that.  The recognition that someone has been right where you are is comforting.  Especially your own mother.  Being her first child, I can imagine I gave her lots of those moments.  Sorry mom.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dev is one!

We were so happy to enjoy the celebration with the Jain family last weekend.  Or was it two weekends ago?  I'm a little behind.  Baby Dev turned one year old and he is getting cuter by the minute.  It was so fun to get together with friends, eat delicious Indian food and ride around on Dev's party train.  No joke, they had a train!  This little monkey is so loved, by all of us.  Happy Birthday Dev!

Off to the Aquarium.

Our dear friends the Arciagas invited us to join them at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Monday.  It's such a bummer Kevin doesn't get government holidays off.  Julie and I enjoyed showing the girls sea life and Isaac took lots of amazing pictures of the day.  I can't wait to go back again.  Maybe on a quiet morning next time.

We met Julie and Isaac in our birth classes last year.  It is so fun to watch the babies grow together.  Chloe and Alyssa were born just 10 days apart.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Around the house.

Just a lazy day around the house.  We spent Superbowl Sunday cozy at home.  I made some healthy-ish football snacks.  Homemade guacamole and a layered bean dip, all organic.  Paired with some blue corn tortilla chips and it was ooey-gooey and delicious.

Traveling Twosome.

My sister invited us for a visit earlier this month.  The only bummer was Kevin had to stay at home.  we would have loved his company but he got lots of studying done while we are away.  He had some really restful nights of sleep too.  Lucky duck!

I was a wee bit nervous about navigating the airport alone with an infant.  We selected a seat at the back of the plane so at least we have the restroom for a nearby retreat.  Which we took advantage of during a long 30 minutes of crying.  Let's just say that quick 45 minute flight to Oakland felt pretty darn long.  The flight back was a breeze thanks to a few helpful and friendly travelers.
These two didn't want to say goodbye.

Whew, finally asleep.

Chloe's first flight.


Chloe loves spending time with her Tia.

We packed a lot into those 3 days in the bay.  My sisters dear friend Susan and her twins Fredrick and Harper took us on an adventure through Chinatown in San Fransisco.  We saw the bustling preparations for Chinese New Year.  It was beautiful!  We had a tea tasting at Red Blossom Tea.  It's basically Mecca for tea lovers. We also checked out the fortune cookie factory, had lunch at the not so delicious vegan Loving Hut and were in awe of a 100 year old Buddhist temple.  We spent the next day leisurely walking around 4th Street in Berkeley with our childhood friend Erin.  And my brother even drove over from Santa Cruz to have a yummy sibling dinner from Gregorie.  I highly recommend dining here, the potato puffs are incredible.

Red Blossom Tea.

The weather was cool and a little rainy.  My sister and her roommates were wonderful hosts and cooked us up some delicious meals.  And many cups of hot tea later it was time to head home. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Anthropologie has done it again.  I'm salivating at the launch of their new online experience and line solely dedicated to weddings.  Boy does this make me want to get married all over again.  Perhaps even plan a re-commitment ceremony just to wear one of these breathtaking gowns.  Perhaps we'll have a big celebration for our 10 year anniversary?  Would it be too extravagant to wear one of their dresses for my 30th Birthday this year?  Maybe this stunning Emerald Green one?

Brides-to-be out there, enjoy, relish & shop away.  Even if you are already wed, browse and fall in love all over again.

Oh and BHLDN is inspired by the Dutch word "to keep".  I can see why.

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