Thursday, December 6, 2007

let the semester end & the holidays begin!

hi all,

here's a little blog we started to keep you posted on what we've been up to. we will post more pictures and updates soon. currently we are both finishing up the semester. so i am sure you only imagine how excitng our evenings are these days. kevin on the computer completing tests preparing presentations and writing code, me finishing up details for my silkscreen printmaking class. not much of a social life but we do have dinner and a glass of wine together most nights to mellow out a bit...yum!

very excitng news...once december is through kevin will have completed his masters degree in robotics. now he is trying to convince me that he should then be called master kevin; isn't he a funny one?! oh and i almost forgot...we got an oven! it is amazing the small things you take for granted. i will soon be a baking fool.

much love & let the holidays begin,

lisa and kevin
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