Thursday, June 24, 2010

remembering our wedding, 3 years ago today.

“sweet spring is your time
is my time
is our time
for springtime is lovetime
and viva sweet love”

all the merry little birds are
flying in the floating in the
very spirits singing in
are winging in the blossoming

lovers go and lovers come
awandering, awondering
but any two are perfectly alone
there’s nobody else alive.

such a sky and such a sun
I never knew (and neither did you)
and everybody never breathed
quite so many kinds of yes

not a tree can count his leaves
each herself by opening
but shining who by thousands mean
only one amazing thing

secretly adoring shyly
tiny winging darting floating
merry in the blossoming
always joyful selves are singing

“sweet spring is your time
is my time
is our time
for springtime is lovetime
and viva sweet love”
-E.E. Cummings

    I am so happy to be celebrating 3 years with such a wonderful partner by my side.  I love you so much Kevin.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer treat

if you haven't picked up your summer read yet, this one isn't new but is fabulous!  elizabeth gilbert's writing is really delightful.  although i didn't love her most current work, this one is great.  her story transports you to a completely new adventure.  and the movie staring one of my fav's, julia roberts comes out this august!  isn't the cover scrumptious? a beautiful title really.

fedoras rock!

Lisa & Lisa out at the Angel's game for Fedora Night!
though they game was less than eventful, we had a great time.

a little R&R

the sunny skies of indio, california. last weekend we, got away to the timeshare to spend a little time, just us two.  we had wonderful time laying by the pool, floating in the lazy river, grilling up a tasty dinner and even golfing though the temperatures were in the high 90's. well, to be clear, i rode in the cart and drank lemonade, kevin braved the heat.  saturday morning kevin watched world cup and i had an amazing prenatal massage.  i think i may have drooled through the whole thing.  what a treat!  later that night we went out for a nice dinner and enjoyed a way too huge but caramely dessert.

and on our way out of town we hit up sheild's date garden for their famous date shakes.  we were both skeptical we would enjoy such a treat but in fact we LOVED them!  i even bought some date crystals (their not so secret, but key ingredient) to do a little baking or milkshake making at home.  we were thrilled to arrive home to a 35 degree temperature change.  even in the car with air conditoning 106 degrees is not so friendly.  it was a great time and we were happy to simply be together

for our bathing beauty

okay, so i know she hasn't even arrived yet but, i could not resist this adorable, sunny little swimsuit at target the other day.  she'll be all ready for when we take our mommy and me swim classes.  aren't the ruffled bottoms too precious!

ooh lala, le creperie

last week my friend katie, the georgia peach was in town for a last minute surprise.  it was so wonderful to meet up with her and jen at the ever delicious le creperie in long beach.  after  a great bite and lots of great converstation, jen had to dash back to work.  katie and i walked around 2nd Street and went to the amazing frosted cupcakery for a little dessert. 

this is one of mine and kevin's favorite date locations.  it's a must visit when in belmont shore. 
i went for the usual chocolate-chocolate & katie went for chocolate-vanilla....yummy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

and we're off!

tonight kevin finishes his last of this quarter's classes.  after many weeks of late nights at school, long days at work and cleaning our whole garage virtually on his own last weekend (i'm no good for heavy lifting these days)...he majorly deserves a break.  he is one fantastic, hard-working guy.  i can brag a little, right?

we decided to take a little time away, just us two (before we are three)!  so, tomorrow we are off to the indio timeshare  for lots of time reading by the pool, lounging in the lazy river, a little golf, late night movie watching and one much needed prenatal massage.  i can hardly wait!

babymoon, here we come!

old friends

after a week of feeling completely under the weather (really i can't remember the last time i was that sick), i got myself fancied up for a night out with gina, one of my dearest.  she happened to be doing a work training in town, so we made a night of it...dinner at tantalum, one of my long beach favorites and then to see sex and the city 2.  i have been counting down the days 'til i saw her for over a month now.

we could have talked forever and i found myself wishing for more hours in the day.  but, i'll take her any way i can get her.  f.y.i. the two of us have been friends since diapers.  the night was fantastic and  seeing "the girl's" again on the big screen was too much was well, like visiting an old friend.

much of the movie takes place in abu dhabi and let's just say the hotel takes your breath away.  i may have to recreate this room in our house one day.  it truly made me swoon in all it's vibrant color.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a new ride?

since we're making the transition into parenthood, i'm telling kevin he would look amazing in this new ride.  i'm just sayin'.

Friday, June 4, 2010

and we'll name her...

we've loved the name for years.
and chloe means verdant and blooming;
we think it couldn't be more perfect.

her middle name will be elizabeth, a family name (on both sides).

Thursday, June 3, 2010

a central cali getaway

to celebrate kevin's mom's birthday we traveled up to paso robles,  to spend the weekend with his brother matt and girlfriend tara.  they (as usual) were awesome hosts.  the first night we attended at chef dinner at Justin winery,where matt works as an assistant winemaker.  everyone (but me and baby) enjoyed the wine and we had a quite fancy array of courses from a visiting chef.  it was a great night to celebrate karen and be together as a family!

we soaked up the rural country vibe and really,  isn't it so beautiful?
i hadn't realized how much i was craving the wide open spaces.
We made a trip to the coast to San Simeon beach.  You would not believe the speed of the winds that day if I told you.  Burrr, but we enjoyed a few moments taking photographs and checking out the surf.
A stop to enjoy delicious tri-tip sandwiches at Main Street Grill in the adorable beach town of Cambria.  We had hoped to peruse a few adorable shops but everything closed so early.  Bummer!  We enjoyed the windows anyway.  We picked up a Olallieberry pie from Linn's (a must visit if you're in the area) for Karen's birthday.  Back at home we enjoyed our pie and played board games until bedtime.

And no trip to Paso is complete without brunch at our favorite, Artisan.  The mushroom, asparagus, feta omelette was so savory.  I wish I knew how to recreate some of their kitchen magic at home. 

A truly great weekend! 
(more pictures to come)
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