Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pin It.

I have a new obsession.  I call this site a blessing and a curse.  I've waited for something like this for what feels like eons.  I am the archivist type.  No joke, I have a folder full of home decor clippings for our one day abode and I'm constantly bookmarking favorite items or gift ideas.  It's just what I do. is a site made for people like me.  It's basically a virtual corkboard.  The even better part is no messy filing.  You can get inspiration from other peoples ideas too.  It's basically, awesome. 

Check it out, you may just become a pinning addict too.

What am I pinning, you might ask?  You can follow me here to see more like these beauties:
Ruffled Purse.

Decor ideas.
Keepsake Plans.

 Other people are lovin' the pinspiration too.


Nicole said...

What a fun site! Lisa, I think you and I were cast from the same decor and party mold! We love so many of the same things!

Jared, Diana,Caden and Gia said...

Love it! I saw something kind of like it on Nate Berkus the other day. Very cool! You have some really cool stuff on there.

Stephanie said...

Hi Lisa! I totally agree with you. Pinterest is SO addicting, and geez, aren't there so many creative people out there?!!! I'd love to exchange links if ya like!

Have a great day Lisa!

- Stephanie

The Locklins said...

Isn't it so much fun? I've had so many friends join me in pinning since this post. I guess someone does read my blog. Stephanie, I'd love to exchange links. :)

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