Monday, December 9, 2013

At home.

On occasion I can coax Chloe out of her pink kitty nightgown.  I swiftly launder it to be worn immediately after leaving the dryer.  Though she's not attached to a favorite blanket or plush toy, this might be the closest thing to it.  The best $12 I've spent.  Thank you, Target.  

My heart is swelling daily, watching my girls develop the bond of sisterhood.  It's something I know to be invaluable in my life.

Me and the girls.

My first day at home with two.  Kevin is now self employed so, he returned to work the following Monday after Remy was born.  To be honest, I had no time for the apprehension to build.  We just dove into daily postpartum life of rest, recovery and how do I juggle two babies at once.  In these early days I'm most thankful for growing patience, prayer, plentiful food and let's be really honest moments when no one is crying.  Because oh those hormones, and adjustments can be a beast some days. Breath in, breath out.    

Early days.

He's truly an extraordinary dad, willing to help with anything.

The first morning home together.
If we are learning anything with two littles in the house it's breath, laugh and improvise.  And to let lots of things go.  It's truly a lesson that my type A Virgo self could benefit from. And truly some days being in pajamas all day is quite lovely (and necessary).  

My 32nd.

16 days after little Remy was born, I celebrated my 32nd birthday.  It was low key, just as it should be with a newborn at home.  A pediatric appointment and a quick stop for breakfast at a favorite local cafe.  Several family members visited later that day.  They were really there to see the baby, but being with family made my birthday Happy!

First Bath.

Because these moments are too sweet to not document.  Here is me and Chloe giving Remy her first bath.  It's been nearly 4 months now, so this was way back in September.  I tell you, we are still adjusting to a new home, new baby, new career.  I'm playing catch up so these moments don't slip by too fast.  I'm certainly taking photos daily so stay with me.  (wink) And, yes I really am as tired as I look, and it's all worth it.

Chloe was so proud to be my helper.  

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