Wednesday, May 22, 2013

She's crafty.

In the fullness of life lately I've had little time to craft and be creative.  It's something that I really need to do to thrive.  Creating is what I love.  So, I've been clearing more time to make a mess, craft, paint, and cook more often.  Over the last month we've done lots of craft projects, I've worked on baby books, made nursery garlands and took a cooking class with Kevin's sweet Aunt Sheryl.  I find taking the time to create refuels me and gives me more zest for the beautiful life I have.  My little bloom really enjoys it too.

Kindred Visits.

Me, Andrea and Becky.
Mara and Chloe.

Baby girls meet for the first time.

Lucky for me these two cousins have family here in Arizona, so when they came out for an impromptu visit, we got to get together for a visit and giggle over pedicures and date night with our husbands.  I was so happy to have them here.  Becky, my doula when Chloe was born and hopefully with my next she'll be able to be there for her birth too.  We'll have to work out the details because we have a more miles between us now.  She just had her third baby, a sweet, darling girl, Nora Marie.  I couldn't be more happy to have these girls and their families in my life.  It's just one of those magic relationships, they are true kindred spirits.  I can't wait to be back in California so we can spend more time together again.

Morgan turns 30!

My dear cousin Morgan came to Phoenix with a slew of girlfriends to celebrate her 30th birthday.   It was the perfect opportunity for them to escape the still cold weather in Idaho and soak up some sun here in the desert.  I was thrilled this was there destination so I could join in the fun and celebrate this dear friend who happens to also be family.  We are lucky that way.  I snuck away for a night to celebrate with the girls, spend time by the pool and join in all the shopping, dining fun.  It was sucha  great refresher and then Morgan joined us for a few days at our home.  Chloe was so excited and we even got to go to Disney on Ice together.  Such a treat to have her here.  Chloe is still asking when Cousin Morgan will come back to visit.  We hope soon!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bun still baking...

...and I've been so absent on documenting, at least on my blog here.  I'll give you a recap, because I want to remember these special days.  Days while our baby bloom (a.k.a. baby sister) is growing, kicking, stretching my belly and heart in new ways.

I had a's hard to remember.  15 weeks pregnant.  

Hello, baby girl!

This book was no help...but I think we are getting closer.

Shaken Iced Passion Tea, unsweetened yet so fruity.
Like with my first pregnancy, I can't get enough watermelon.

Afternoons in the grass.

Nesting err, shopping.

In Sedona on our way for a date.


Visits to the OB.

27 weeks here.

As the weeks to my "due date" narrow, I'm finding myself so amazed that soon I will have two daughters and another little one to love up.  I'm not sure why, but my pregnancy seems so surreal this time.  Perhaps, it's because my days are so full that sometimes I catch myself forgetting.  Then at the end of the day I lay in bed and ponder all the changes to come.

12 weeks to go.  Welcome, third trimester.  I've had the nesting urge for quite a while now and I'm sure a lot of it is because I can't actually nest until a few weeks when we are in our new home.  Yep, next week we will be packed up and temporarily in a hotel.  We'll be there about 8 days until Kevin is officially done with his final contribution to the project here at the end of the month.  We ought to be pretty busy these next few weeks.

The discomfort of third trimester has arrived so moving is a welcomed and exciting distraction to keep my mind off of the waiting game.  And before I know it, I can spend my sleepless nights decorating and unpacking the nursery before our little one arrives.  Oh, the nesting, I love the nesting.

A new home, new career, new baby, this ought to be a very exciting summer.
Mother's Day weekend, 2013.

With my Chloe.

Snuggled in to bed with my little one and her little pig "Ohlala" (aka Olivia), such silly sweet moments.  I think we were both asleep in minutes that night.  I'm always up for a good snuggle and lets be honest, sleep.

A weekend in Sedona.

24 weeks pregnant at L'Auberge.

Your typical tourist photo.  We had to.  It's an extraordinary spot.

It's been a month already, but I'm playing catch-up on my blog here.  So back in April, Kevin and I hadn't been away for a vacation since Chloe was born, two and half years ago.  With another little lady on the way, we knew this would be a great time to relax and recharge.  My sweet Kevin planned the whole weekend and set-up just enough adventures to leave room for travel spontaneity and relaxation.  He even spoiled me with a prenatal massage at the resort.  It was a beautiful, relaxing trip and extra special because of all the thoughtful planning my love did ahead of time.  I was thrilled to just pack my bag.  Such a treat!

We delighted in the opportunity to drink our coffee while it was still hot each morning, enjoy each others conversation uninterrupted, indulge in delicious food and an afternoon nap on a whim.  Sedona is special place and we were so thankful to explore some of it's sights while we are still Arizona residents.

A HUGE thank you to Kevin's parents who flew out to spend the weekend caring for Chloe.  She had a blast and I'm certain they did also.  We are lucky to be surrounded by such thoughtful, helpful, loving grandparents.
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