Sunday, June 10, 2012

Austin, Texas. The big day.

They've been married eight weeks now but here is a look at our friends stunning southern nuptials.  It was an incredibly charming and elegant ceremony.  With rustic details, hanging lanterns and colorful accents.  And the reception boasted sparkling drinks, savory food and we danced the night away.  Just my kind of celebration!  There are few things I enjoy more than weddings, especially when you listen to honest, heartfelt vows spoken.  I just couldn't seem to keep a dry eye.  The night was perfect.  Even if we did have one rowdy toddler who happened to throw a big tantrum and fall into a huge puddle of mud.  We survived and we're so happy to be there.  We are so happy for you Sammy and Nicole!

I wish I took more pictures that day, but I was busy soaking in all the beauty first hand, and trying to keep my little sweet toddler from muddy curiosities.

Check out the photographers images, they are captivating: Sammy & Nicole Grove

With the groom's beautiful mom, Bette.

Their photographer took this one, aren't they stunning?

She N He photography

We wish this pair the best life has to offer for a lifetime and more.  We love you two Groves.


lakato said...

Chloe's outfit is darling - I love those shoes!

Nicole said...

We're so happy you were a part of our sweet Southern wedding day... and that you got to enjoy the food, cocktails and lavender field! Chloe looked darling... our photog captured some amazing shots of her!

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