Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day 2012.

Our little bloom chose this cards for her Dada on Father's Day.  I tell you she is so crazy about her Dada.  It is the sweetest to watch those two play and interact.  The octopi card Chloe selected was perfect.  Kevin is a do it all, hands on kind of dad.  But what I love most is that he is all about family.  Together is exactly where he wants to be.

One thing that surprised me about becoming a parent is how much my love for my husband would grow.  Seeing him as a father, well,  it melts me.

We drove back to California for a short weekend to be with our dads.  We also had a memorial for a very dear friends Mother to attend.  The weekend had a lot of mixed emotions but we felt at home to be with those we love, no matter what the occasion.  It's all about togetherness.

Kevin and I have fathers who really love and care for us.  It's fun to watch our relationships keep growing as they have become grandparents.  Our little lady is not lacking in love from these men in her life, it abounds.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!
(Even though it was 2 weeks ago.  One day I'll be caught up-ha!)

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Krystal said...

Love seeing Kevin as a dad :) You guys are such great parents!

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