Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Portland. 2 months back. part one.

We relished in Portlands unusually sunny weather this May while visiting my sister.  There are few things more fun than watching my sister swoop up our little bloom in an airport embrace.  Can't you just see the adoration?  It's mutual.

The flight was smooth sailing.  Other passengers often ask if this is her first flight as we are boarding the plane.  Surprisingly, our lucky lady has been on more than half a dozen flights.  It may be a different story come September when she no longer qualifies as a lap child and we pay for her seat also.  In the meantime, we are loving our travel adventures. 
My sisters place.  Come on, does it get prettier?

Looking very Pacific Northwest, aren't we?

Just the neighborhood park. 

What a nice Tia.

Every visit to Portland has to include a trip to Multnomah Falls.  It is exquisite.  And I've been going there since I was a babe.  After we parked, Chloe instantly rushed up the hill to to take in the rushing water.  Yep, she was smitten too.  
A serious cook, my sis makes EVERYthing from scratch.  Yum!

With our dear Fiebachs.

And we were lucky enough to get an invitation to see some of our favorite friends the Fiebachs.  really they are more like family.  Becky and Bruce have been friends with my parents since before I arrived on the scene.  How fun is that?  And our friendship has grown over years of spilled words and greeting cards that (always) arrive exactly on your special day.  Becky has impeccable timing and is so thoughtful.  Bruce is the description of enthusiasm.  With these two you instantly feel at home.  Dinner with them was such a treat.


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