Monday, June 25, 2012

For the dads.

I've been saving this ombre dress for a special day.

Falling asleep while she eats.  Too funny!

Two very happy Grandpas. 

We thought candles would add extra fun.

Wanting more ice cream.  That face.

My mom-in-law is an amazing host.  Always welcoming everyone into their home.  We had a mellow afternoon at their place to celebrate the dads.  My grandfather and step dad couldn't make it but we had a nice time just relaxing over a feast of enchiladas, chile rellenos, beans and rice.  This is what we miss most about being away from family, mellow time just being together.  Here is a little snap shot of our day.  Did I mention the weather was breathtaking?  I was.


Jenna said...

Oh Lisa!!! I should have KNOWN you blog about your precious family!!!! For some reason I think I knew this in the back of my mind because I'm feeling a HUGE sense of Dejavu right now! I simply clicked on your link on my blog and it sent me here!!! I LOVE IT! I'll have a LOT of catching up to do!!! Oh how I miss you Lisa :) Especially now that I'm a mommy, I wish you lived close by :) You make mommy hood look like a million bucks, even on the hard days :)

The Locklins said...

Thank you Jenna! I miss you so much too. Boy do I wish we could spend all day together with our little ladies. It's so fun to stay in touch since we can't see each other all the time.

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