Monday, March 19, 2012


The weather this weekend was such a surprise.  Last week was 92 degrees and yesterday we had rain, hail and plummeting degrees (well for the desert anyway).   Our little bloom is obsessed with ice.  She points at the freezer several times a day for us to fetch ice cubes for her.  She says it with the long drawn out, "Iccccee", I've gotta get it on video adorable way.  We've even resorted to freezing fruit for her to snack on for added nutritional value.   My aunt Lori gave me a tip about serving up frozen peas, guess what?  She loves them.  Fine by me. 

So you can only imagine her delight when Kevin brought in this snow ball of hail on Sunday.  She wanted to go out and see what it was all about.  It was a nice little venture outside after being indoors watching the weather gust at our windows.  It was a total lazy day.  We stayed home from church in our jammies and played.  I think the tree-toppling wind kept most Phoenix residents indoors.  But it was a fun novelty knowing that the summer's heat is right around the corner.  Every loves to warn us about just how hot it is going to be.  I'm a little nervous to be honest.

Thank goodness for this cozy jacket and boots our friends the Arciagas gave us.  Chloe wouldn't take it off even once we came indoors.  She twirled in front of the mirror and even colored while wearing it.  Too much fun.

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Roxana Lopez Photography said...

What a beautiful coat she is sporting :) always love her style!

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