Friday, March 2, 2012

All you need is love.

Our Valentine's Day this year was memorable.  We had a park playdate with a new mommy group.  A super nice group of moms and their babies.   I have a feeling we will become fast friends.  Such a nice feeling.  I barely made it there- I had this sick, sad, loss, pit-in-my stomach sort of morning.  The kind of start to the day when I realize, ugh! my mom is gone.  And I was concerned that someone might say just the thing to send me to tears.  I didn't want to have a vulnerable first impression.

My mom was a big celebrator.  Not a holiday or special day passed without big mention, spoiling with treats and of course handmade greeting cards.  So, holidays have a bittersweet memory of what's been lost.  Se left behind beautiful memories to cherish for years to come.  I tell you, they are countless.  That must mean I've been really blessed. 

We spent the day outdoors and then celebrated in the evening when Kevin arrived home with gelato, flowers and a bubble maker for Chloe.  Does he know us or what?  After a heart-shaped pizza, red wine and gelato,  I was feeling so content with my life, even it's sad times.  Because I know, I have more love than any girl could ask for.  And really, that's all you need.

Tulips. a favorite, for sure.

This expression melts me.

Remembering two very special women.  My mom and her friend (my second mom) Madalene who passed away February 15th of 2006.  They are now together again.
Remembering my first Valentine, my beautiful mama.
Remembering Madalene Pocoroba, my dear other mom.


lakato said...

OMG Lexi has the Gazillion bubble machine too - it blows her mind. We can't take it to the park though, it's like kid bait.

The Edison's... plus two! said...

such a beautiful post... how did i miss this one before? i'm glad your day turned out so nice. new friends, wine, pizza, and a precious babe (and kevin). a good day:).

Roxana Lopez Photography said...

A beautiful post Lump and I adore the pictures of Chloe with all her bubbles, so cute!

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