Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Thursday.

Just a simple day at home, with my teething, runny-nosed girl.  We didn't sleep much on Wednesday night, lots of crying, sore gums and one just plain restless little lady.  Chloe and I ended up sleeping on the living room floor to give Kevin at least a few hours rest before work.  So the next day we skipped music class and stayed in jammies, then upgraded to sweats in the afternoon for water painting outside on the chalkboard.  Which turned into bath time. 

There was lots of beauitful sunshine, which I can't get enough of.  Chloe's excitement of the day was trying out her new straw thermos cup and a drive with Dad when he got home from work.  And they practiced playing the harmonica.  She is learning how to make all kinds of sounds and is so excited by it. 

That was our Thursday.  (Like I said, we are regular party animals.)  How sweet are these photos of Kevin and our bloom.  I can't put the camera down when they are together.  They have my whole heart.

blowing kisses.

"Mom, my nose, catch it!"

That look is all mischief. 

I've gotta frame this one.

1 comment:

Joolz said...

Quite the skilled climber she is :) Miss you guys! Post some videos of Clo soon!

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