Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome Grandparents.

Homemade pizza, salad and a mellow night on the patio is how we welcomed Kevin's parents to town this weekend.  As always, we are so happy to have guests in town.  I still have many photos from weekends past to share.  We have had company more than half the  the 5 months we've lived here.  Which we love! 

Here we are catching up and soaking up some fresh air.  We are taking in as much fresh air as we can until the weather really heats up.  I've been warned that one's first summer in Phoenix is quite a shock.  I'm still thinking positively.  No harm in that, right?


Nicole said...

Lisa, you've created such a cozy patio! It's perfect for al fresco dinners... especially with your amazing margherita pizza!

The Locklins said...

Meals al fresco are seriously the best! There is nothing like a cool breeze while you dine.

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