Monday, March 19, 2012

Desert Botanicals.

Hand-in-hand with my little cutie, we went to the Desert Botanical Garden .  It was the perfect weather.  Brisk, crystal clear skies and lots of sun.  We visited the Butterfly Pavilion, there was not a lot of movement.  I guess warm weather stimulates them.  It was about 55 degrees, not so warm (if you ask me?).

It was a simple day, soaking in the fresh air and checking out all the cacti, squirrels, quail, and butterflies we could.  Then lunch.  Oh my, the sweet potato, avocado, black bean, green pepper, wrap I had was so delish!  I will have to duplicate this at home.  Try it!  The combination boasts the best lunch I've had in a looong time.  I washed it down with a iced prickly pear tea.  I've always gotta try the local beverage.  Also, delish.

"Butterfly", a new and so cute pronounced word.

The just rain cleared sky.

One delicious sweet potato veggie wrap, oh my yum!

Marching over to (try) touch the cacti I JUST pulled her away from.

Dale Chihuly blown glass.

Our new (and only) pet, Ruffles.

We were entertained for most of the day, Chloe took a nap on the ride there and back (Score!), a delicious and nutritious lunch, and I came home with this lovely plant.  Isn't this Rock Flower Paper, planter cover so fun?  Motivation has not been my strong suit these days, so I call this forget-it-all, relaxing afternoon an extra big success for us.  Aren't those days nice?

I look forward to returning when the wildflowers are really in bloom.  Spring will really be buzzing by then.


Gina said...

Hi Lisa! I have been MIA from blogs over the past two weeks, wrapping up yoga training! This wrap looks DELICIOUS, and recreating it at home is a must!

Thinking of you. We need to make a visit out to AZ soon!


Nicole said...

Prickly pear iced tea sounds yummy! How fun that you're exploring all the desert has to offer with your lil' sidekick. You two are so precious!

Lula. said...

Desert flowers are so beautiful. I love your new "pet"! And I LOVE prickly pears. We used to eat them every summer in Catalina as little kids.

Seems like you guys are settling right in down there in AZ!

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