Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Since I mostly blog about our family, I rarely share other blogs or schedule what I'm going to write.  I either feel it and write or I don't.  Today, before getting into bed I was inspired by the message in this blog by the talented mother, photographer and writer, Kelle Hampton.  In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Day,  I wanted to share what she her message from today's post: 3-21, 2012

Her sweet daughter's words may bring a tear to your eye, like they did mine.  It also helps me build knowledge for how to teach my growing daughter about the differences between us.  She'll come to me one day and ask me lots of why's.  When faced with questions about our differences, I can recall the lovely words of 4 year old Lainey, "Some people wear blue shirts. Some people wear green shirts."  Those differences shouldn't divide us.  The similarities in our core are what make us all the same.  It is what It's as simple as that. 

All we really need it Love.

To read more, follow: 

I started following her blog recently.  She has book coming out soon, titled Bloom Finding Beauty in the Unexpected-A Memoir  I've read excerpts and it sounds incredibly rich with lessons of the heart.

I have my copy on pre-order.  Why not reach deeper to find more gratitude?  I'm certainly always looking for ways to find more beauty in every moment.


Roxana Lopez Photography said...

You would enjoy my friends blog Natalie
Her son Elias has down syndrome and her words and experiences are so moving and inspiring for all.

The Locklins said...

Thanks Roxana! I always like to read new blogs and find inspiration for day to day life. I checked out her blog, it's great! She and her family actually went to our church when I was little. Small world!

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