Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving, Phoenix style.

A casual morning at home.  We stayed in our pj's but used the good china...just the way I like it.  My goal is to use our china as often as possible, each day should be celebrated, right?  So here we are jammies and bedhead. 

In the afternoon we met up with Kevin's college roomate Brent, his wife Katie, their 11 month old daughter and their family at their relative place in Scottsdale.  It was so nice to be invited and enjoy a nice holiday meal with so many friendly people and to watch the girls play together.  Between the pool, rocks and box of beer bottles they got into lots of mischief.  It was great entertainment and a work out.

The evening brought out lots of emotions as we connected with family over the phone and realized this was our first Thanksgiving or holiday for that matter without the rest of the family.  I realized I REALLY missed my mom.  So moments more than others.  That was one of the intense moments.

Thanksgiving will always be my favorite holiday.  There is nothing that feels better than being thankful and with family.  Delicious food doesn't hurt either.  I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  What are you thankful for?

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