Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A visit with friends.

We were lucky enough to visit with our friends the Schvaneveldt's while they were in AZ for the week.  We feel so lucky for us to have visitors so early after our move.  It's like we haven't left home yet.  Check out some photos from our trip to the Scottsdale Artfest on her blog Andiland. Andrea is an amazing photographer so it was fun to see her photos from the day.

I was so happy to finally meet her sweet 3 month old daughter, Mara Jane.  She is the tiniest little bundle, it was so nice to snuggle her.  I tell you all these babies are giving me the fever.  I remind myself how sleepless I am right now and it temporarily goes away.  

While she was out we met up several times and she even took our family pictures in old town Scottsdale.  It has such a country Arizona vibe, it was so much fun.  I'm so excited about them.  I can't wait to share them and shop for holiday cards, if I decide to add that to my "to do" list?  My favorite adventure was our trip to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.  I never been to a more creative kids space.  Chloe was elated by all the kids and the freedom to explore everywhere.  We promptly became members (a generous gift from Kevin's parents).  Chloe and I plan on making it a weekly day trip, tons of photos to come soon.

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