Wednesday, November 23, 2011


OH HAPPY DAY's blog, DIY Alphabet Pie Topper. 

Now isn't this the prettiest pie topper you've ever laid eyes on?  The quote is a perfect reminder for me this season, and always really.  I plan to make one of my very own, to use as a table centerpiece.

As for my grateful heart, I am thankful for:
The love of my life, Kevin Russell-
his constant love, support, humor, brains & companionship
(and major good looks)
Our precious daughter, Chloe Elizabeth-
her wild personality, giggles, hugs & kisses, her bright spirit
(and the way she says "my momma")
My loving family both small and large
The gift of Motherhood
For my health and positive outlook
For life- joys & pains
A home, a car, and so many basic comforts I take for granted
For a new place with TWO bathrooms & a washer and dryer (so exciting!)
For luxuries like abundant food, hot showers and a big tub to soak in
For laughter, friendship, handwritten cards, creativity, sunshine, the shelter of trees, the beauty of nature...

For days like today when we take extra time to remember to be truly grateful...for all our treasures.

1 comment:

Roxana Lopez Photography said...

I am thankful for you and your little familia too :) Love you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

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