Sunday, January 9, 2011

with a little assist.

this little girl is getting stronger by the day.  in a week she'll be four months old.  she is starting to get interested in her toys now so we thought we'd give the bumbo (pink chair) a try.  it was a gift from our friends the stubbs and we've been waiting until she's developmentally ready to sit, with an assist.  

chloe tried out and had fun playing with her rings.  she thinks they are bracelets.  she learned that all on her own.  i've been wearing very little jewelry these days. 

it's fun to watch her learn new things and grow but slow down baby, where did my newborn go?

i snuck a few of her and my brother sunday morning while he was here for a visit.  she loves her uncle aj.  while they played i took the opportunity to catch up on laundry.  wow, that's a lot of pink!

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The Edison's... plus two! said...

oh my gosh... she is growing so fast and she is just so adorable. how much do you love the bumbo? i want to kiss and hug the person who invented it! it was my best friend when emma was a baby! i would prop her on the counter (i know, so safe) while i cooked! i enjoy watching little chloe grow on here!... hello to your little family:)

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