Monday, January 17, 2011

Will I ever learn?

It's late.  And I'm sitting on the sofa with a box a kleenex and some major (I have a cold) insomnia.  I'm not sure why I can't sleep but when I lay down my throat tickles and my congestioned head aches something awful.  I decided to not keep the Mr. and tiny Miss up with my coughing and came down stairs to sleep...

...well still waiting to fall asleep.  This is the second time I've been sick since Chloe's arrival.  I have a feeling I'm overextending myself.  I commonly do this.  I was reading an article in Mom magazine tonight titled, "Banish your inner perfectionist", let's just say I need to tape this one to the fridge.

Goal for the week:  Feel better.

I ordered diapers online, the fridge is stocked with healthy foods and I canceled our would be playdate this week.  We'll have to meet up with sweet little Dean and his lovely momma Kari another day.  I gotta get rid of this sore throat and congestion.  The goal: only leave the house for fresh air, no errands.  Time to research Nursing Friendly cold remedies.  Anyone know of a good resource? 

I had a major aha! moment tonight, who takes care of momma when she's sick? 

I felt like whining.  Now I'm done. 

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