Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Somedays you have to improvise.

This sweet face may fool you but today was one of our toughest days yet.  I'm still sick with a cold (thus, felt like napping and short on patience).  Poor little girl is teething and wanted to nurse every hour, is chewing on every toy, blanket or finger nearby,  and cried nearly all day.  I felt so bad I could hardly find anything to comfort her.

In desperate need for some fresh air but too tired to pull out the stroller go for a walk, I improvised.  I'm finding that's a common idea amongst moms.  We have about 8 square feet  of lawn in front of our apartment.  I laid out a quilt and as the sun was going down we enjoyed a few minutes watching the birds in a nearby palm.  It distracted her for about ten (blissful) minutes. 

Then Kevin came home just in time to give me a few minutes to myself.  Thank goodness!


Morgan said...

Gosh, I wish I were closer to help you on days like that! I had a lot of help during the Braden's teething with Hylands teething tablets. They are all-natural tiny little tablets that are placed under the tongue and dissolve quickly. It seems to provide a little relief that allowed my little man to fall asleep (like within 5 minutes!) and sleep through much of the pain. They didn't seem to have the same effect on Jess. They have been in the news lately with talks of being recalled, but I never had any problems. So read and research and make your own decision, but I'll give them a rave review!

Good luck dear cousin! You are doing wonderfully and Chloe is so blessed to have you as a Momma! Hope to see you soon. Much love to all.

The Locklins said...

Thank you Morgan. I wish we were closer too. It'd be so fun to have the cousins nearby. I had been using the Hylands tablets too. I had some samples stashed in the diaper bag. I heard about the recal, now Hylands has a gel for teething. It works wonders for our day. She's snoozing right now. I think I'll do the same. Oh, how I dream of having family close by.

Thank you for the reassurance. Life as a momma is busy, and especially challenging when you're sick. I feel so blessed to have her in my life too.

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