Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beach Baby.

She make look peaceful here but most of our (short) trip to the beach today was spent soothing a very sad baby.  I mean she was screaming!  We think it's the beginning of teething.  She is chewing on everything.  She did like her toes being dipped in the water, once the initial shock of cold water wore off.

The sun was shining and the sand felt amazing squishing between our toes so we are glad we enjoyed a few extra moments outdoors.  Chloe's first of many trips to the beach.  It's only two blocks away.

I know that sounds kinda braggy, but we love it here. 

I'm gonna take a few more naps this week.  I woke up with a cold and boy do my eyes look tired in these pictures.

You may remember this post a few months and a major Beach Belly ago.  I wore the same swimsuit.  I might be rocking a one piece this summer. 

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