Monday, January 10, 2011

The Perfect Advice.

Here are a couple pictures from the very early days after her birth.  (No make-up and sleep deprived)

Okay, so I had no idea in what motherhood would be like.  I mean, I read half a dozen books, numerous blogs, and every magazine about babies out there.  I have babysat many babies, had younger siblings and took all the classes but you still have no idea until you have your own.

The truth is I was so much more tired than I could have imagined.  Breastfeeding on demand is like working a 24 hour job, every day.  At least the boss is as cute as they get.

The relief was I LOVE motherhood, more than I could have imagined.

Thanks to numerous friends and family members our fridge was stocked with healthy and delicious meals from day one.  Our tummies thank you!

However I had no idea how challenging it would be (even now) to shower, do laundry, complete house work, even grab a bite to eat with a little bundle in tow.  Our laundry is close by so I shouldn't complain but it is tricky toting a baby and a basket outside behind our apartment to pump quarters into the machine (yep coin laundry).  So I usually wait until Kevin is home and thankfully most of the time he is happy, well willing to do it.  Thank goodness because I only have about a dozen things that fit me and Chloe is one of those spit-up prone kind of babies.

My point is, when I read this article I thought I would share it.

Six Ways to Ease Postpartum Frazzle:

and my favorite (well researched) Breastfeeding + Parenting website so far: 

And sometimes the perfect advice is to listen to yourself.
When I feel overwhelmed it often means:
I'm hungry, I'm tired or I need a change of scenery.

Thanks to Kevin and my little bro, this weekend I got some extra rest, laundry done and then took a 2 mile walk this morning.  It was bliss!

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NicholsSouth said...

Keep your head up girlie! It gets better! Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for yourself and your gorgeous babe! I remember going to those websites EVERYDAY, they are invaluable resources.

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