Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chloe & Lexi.

We were so happy to have a visit from the Wegners this weekend.  They were in town for post-holiday celebrations and wanted to meet the newest additions to the group Chloe and Lexi!

We thought we'd have a quiet get together at home and slowly our group grew...and we were so glad it did.  We aren't getting out as much as usual these days and we loved the company.  And delicious food.

It was so great to catch up with Nick and Krystal and hear about life in Seattle, residency, and their sweet pup Miles.  Come back to Cali when you're done, we miss you!

The two new ladies got LOTS of attention.

Chloe rocked her bib, as she is super spit-up prone.  I'm hoping this is just a phase as our laundry has tripled with the sour milk-doused clothes (hers and ours).   She had a lot of fun being passed around the group. 

Petite, little Lexi was USC sock clad, and test drove Chloe's bouncer.  It was a hit!  We hope the Nashs get a little bouncing relief when they get Lexi her very own.  They are 3 months apart in age, which is a lot in the early months but will be so fun once they can play together. 

We think we'll do this every weekend.  Chloe slept 12 hours Saturday night.  I had to wake twice to pump (and check that she was breathing).  


lakato said...

This is so funny- Lexi also slept really well that night - 5 straight hours, a new record for her! Plus I woke up with a soaking bra, so worth it!

The Locklins said...

So worth it! Five hours is awesome. Chloe's at about 5 or 6 now. There is a myth out there that at some point they'll sleep for about 10.

Krystal said...

Thank you for having us over, Locklins! Your home is darling and Chloe is so beautiful!! We loved catching up with everyone and look forward to the next time we're home to see everyone again :) I love the pics!


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