Friday, January 14, 2011

Eleven, going on twelve.

On the 9th of this month (I'm a few days late), my hunny and I celebrated eleven, going on twelve years together.  Married for four of those.  Yep, we dated for a long time!  The college years we spent a lot of time commuting to see one another and stayed together through it all.  I admit to having a few jealous moments while he was living the good life at USC and I was working away in Temecula.  I lived vicariously through his college experience, going to baseball (Kevin played), football and recreation soccer games.  (Perhaps attending a few parties too?)  Meanwhile, I attended beauty school and the local community college.  Then I moved to Manhattan Beach to be a little closer to Kevin and live in an awesome beach studio.  A few years later we were in Long Beach while I studied Art.  Now we've settled in Huntington Beach and are a family of three.  We are still having a lot of fun although it's been a while since we've gone on a date.   

Anyone wanna babysit?  
                                      Kidding.  Kind of.

I thought these pictures were too fun to not share.  Senior Prom in 1999 and our Wedding day in 2007.

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