Saturday, January 1, 2011

pisole aplenty.

one of my favorite holiday traditions is devouring of pisole a mexican hominy soup that my stepdad peter cooks up for us every year.  a light brothy soup you can top with anything you wish.  i always add lime juice, fresh tomato, avocado, green onions and tortilla chips.  i could eat it daily and be content.  we also celebrated with christmas crackers, as usual they were filled with paper crowns and silly jokes.  we opened stockings, gifts and enjoyed a mountain of mock toffee, my mom's best holiday recipe, aside from her delicious prune cake that is.

chloe got a beautiful book from tia sara called wherever you go, my love will find you by nancy tillman.  i was crying before we got to the second page...i can already tell it will be a bedtime favorite forever.  "i wanted you more than you ever will know, so i sent love to follow wherever you go."  we've also been enjoying an adorable penguin cool mist humidifier at night; our breathing and skin could all use some help with the cold dry weather.

chloe was even the tree topper this year, also a silly christmas tradition.  we always make ornaments with our pictures on them and try to see who can battle it out for the place of honor at the top.  chloe got to be the star.



lakato said...

We have that Nancy Tillman book too! For Christmas Lexi also got her book "On the Night You Were Born" and I when I read it to her I kept getting choked up - I guess all her books are like that!

Sara B said...

love these pictures! thanks for documenting the holiday! i love the one of chloe in my arms... that's my favorite holiday pastime (as if it wasn't obvious...)

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