Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Traveling Twosome.

My sister invited us for a visit earlier this month.  The only bummer was Kevin had to stay at home.  we would have loved his company but he got lots of studying done while we are away.  He had some really restful nights of sleep too.  Lucky duck!

I was a wee bit nervous about navigating the airport alone with an infant.  We selected a seat at the back of the plane so at least we have the restroom for a nearby retreat.  Which we took advantage of during a long 30 minutes of crying.  Let's just say that quick 45 minute flight to Oakland felt pretty darn long.  The flight back was a breeze thanks to a few helpful and friendly travelers.
These two didn't want to say goodbye.

Whew, finally asleep.

Chloe's first flight.


Chloe loves spending time with her Tia.

We packed a lot into those 3 days in the bay.  My sisters dear friend Susan and her twins Fredrick and Harper took us on an adventure through Chinatown in San Fransisco.  We saw the bustling preparations for Chinese New Year.  It was beautiful!  We had a tea tasting at Red Blossom Tea.  It's basically Mecca for tea lovers. We also checked out the fortune cookie factory, had lunch at the not so delicious vegan Loving Hut and were in awe of a 100 year old Buddhist temple.  We spent the next day leisurely walking around 4th Street in Berkeley with our childhood friend Erin.  And my brother even drove over from Santa Cruz to have a yummy sibling dinner from Gregorie.  I highly recommend dining here, the potato puffs are incredible.

Red Blossom Tea.

The weather was cool and a little rainy.  My sister and her roommates were wonderful hosts and cooked us up some delicious meals.  And many cups of hot tea later it was time to head home. 

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