Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Bugs.

This week Chloe and I went to our first a Mommy and Me class at The Little Gym .  I was impressed with how clean the classroom was (one of my concerns introducing Chloe to a multi-kid atmosphere) and we were greeted with a sign welcoming Chloe, it was pretty cute.  The gyms focus is creating a non-competitive environment to nurture kids growing skills through group activites.

Chloe's group the 4 to 10 monthers is called Bugs.  There we 5 other Bugs and their moms in class on Tuesday; they were so friendly.  It was fun to watch the "older" babies show the newbies their tricks.  The teacher Mackenzie,  a sweet and bubbly Psychology Masters student lead the class with songs, bells, parachutes and bubbles.  Prior to class she warned me that the new Bugs sometimes cry during class because of all the bright colors, change in atmosphere and new experiences.  I was pleasantly surprised when Chloe squealed with excitement and smiled all through class. 

So you can imagine, we had to sign up.  I'm so excited for next week!

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