Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally...she's asleep.

I'm sure they'll be many more times where I have no idea what to do to soothe my sweet baby.  This evening was one of those.  Chloe had hardly napped and it was nearing 6:30pm.  The entire afternoon into the evening she cried and cried as she resisted falling asleep.  I tried everything...fresh air, walking around the house, bouncing, the swing, nursing, teething gel...nada!

Finally after I finished cooking dinner (one handed) she fell asleep in time for me to gulp down dinner.  I really don't like eating like that but I felt like I better hurry because she could stir at any moment.  It was the only real meal I had eaten all day.  Breakfast was a protein shake and lunch was an apple, popcorn and a couple bites of last nights leftover tofu stir-fry.  Not my idea of a balanced diet.

Once she was asleep I was on the phone my mom and she reminded me that there are gonna be moments like that where you don't know what to do as a parent.  Sometimes you end up crying right along with them and that's okay.  I felt so much peace in hearing her say that.  The recognition that someone has been right where you are is comforting.  Especially your own mother.  Being her first child, I can imagine I gave her lots of those moments.  Sorry mom.


NicholsSouth said...

My mom told me the same thing. If I've checked their diaper, tried to nurse, changed clothing (seeing if they were too hot or cold), went for a stroll, and nothing worked, I'd put them in the crib and let them cry there. They usually just fell asleep and I got to keep some of my sanity. It's hard to listen to them cry though. Breaks my heart. You are a good mother! It only gets better!

Roxana said...

Mother's know best, isn't that the saying :)
Next time I come up I will make you dinner one handed so you can enjoy.

Joolz said...

Oh gosh, so sorry you had a rough day.

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