Friday, February 25, 2011

5 Months

Our bloom is already five whole months old.
Her favs are:
. tummy time .
. peek-a-boo .
. children's folk songs .
. chewing .
. sophie le giraffe .
. snuggle time .
. reading .
. rolling .
. baths .
. bubbles .
and showing off her big gummy grin  & infectious giggles .

P.S. With the help of my friend Julie and my mom's sewing machine, I am learning how to sew.   I made this bench cushion last weekend.  It looks great in our hallway and has lots of storage.  My mom bought it in Portland when I was a babe and it was in my bedroom as a child.  I remember it spilling over with dress-up clothes.  Pieces with memories make a home feel so cozy.

DwellStudio® Mum Floral Hydrangea at JoAnn's.
I love Dwell Studio everything!


The Edison's... plus two! said...

she just keeps getting more darling by the day. and i love the decor in her room (just in case i haven't evr mentioned it).

Joolz said...

Can't wait for our next sewing project!!!

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