Thursday, February 3, 2011

A few moments together.

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of laundry, packing, unpacking, packing up again.  Then driving, flying, driving some more.  We arrived home tonight after a couple days at the hospital, Kevin unloaded the car while I fed a very hungry baby.  Then as I took a hot (nearly scalding) shower, I exhaled all the tension I was holding in my muscles.  I think I could do nothing but sleep for a couple days.  Wouldn't that be dreamy?

I'm loving Motherhood but I have to admit there are moments where I get so tired that I just wanna cry (and sometimes do), and moments where I really miss the spontaneity of an hour of yoga, perusing a favorite shop,  reading anything or having a long chat with a girlfriend.  Sometimes I even miss having the time to blow dry my hair nicely, do the laundry or wash dishes.

Shhhh!  Secretly, I kinda thought people over exaggerated the lack of time a parent has, but boy am I a believer now.

This afternoon between unpacking from our trip, trying to eat (a really late) lunch and giving baby girl a bath after one major yuck! diaper explosion,  Kevin and I worked out a schedule that would include workouts and date nights.  I'm antsy to burn some baby calories and we have to schedule those kinds of things now.  I have been a little crabby.  Yep it happens and we kinda laughed as we both realized how crunched life has become.  Let's just say being a new parent while working and getting your MBA leaves little time for socializing.  Even with your wife.  The good news is, graduation is on the horizon.  And I hardly have room to complain, he is so loving, supportive and ambitious.  Don't get me wrong I feel so blessed to be a stay-at-home mom but it does certainly still involve work.  I really don't know how working moms do it?

I realized that even while we were away this week for my moms surgery, that right then we had a little time together.  And I'm trying to soak it up as often as I can.  A couple nights in a hotel can bring some sweet family memories, like these two snuggling with our little blossom before bed.

Tired or not... how lucky are we to have each other? 
And my mom's surgery went well.  She's getting pain relief, resting and on the mend to rehab.  


Janene said...

Chloe is just adorable! She is getting so big. So glad to hear that all went well with your mom. Tell her (and Sara) I said hello.

Kari said...

The paragraph "I'm loving motherhood but...." is exactly how I feel!

The Edison's... plus two! said...

you put being a mommy into perfect words:). so rewarding but really unable to understand until you do it. chloe just keeps getting cuter by the day! give your mom our love and have fun on much needed date nights... you two deserve them!

Lauren said...

I totally feel you! Motherhood is SOOO wonderful, but so hard. You lose your identity (willingly) to that baby, and its hard to remember who you were before baby came along. Best of luck as you guys finish the MBA program! And love to your mom and family!

ps. that Chloe is so so darling.

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