Friday, April 6, 2012


I do this so often. I feel my body begging to slow down, yet I don't heed it's warning until, it stops me in my tracks. Yep, sick (again).  I seem to be coming to the same conclusion; I'm overdone and not listening the way I ought to.

I set foot in Urgent Care Wednesday morning, I distracted our bloom for well over 30 minutes in the waiting room, was brought to the exam room where I entertained for another 30 minutes, the doctor came in for 5 minutes and I left with 2 prescriptions. Cough suppressant for Bronchitis, so I can sleep at night and a cream for a stress related rash I'm developing on my legs. My body is trying to tell me something here. SLOW DOWN.

I don't want to moan, gripe or whine. Okay, I do, but I'm trying to use this as insight to make some changes. I've been sick at least once a month for months now, pretty abnormal for me. And because I like to seek opportunities to look at my life more closely; I've realized that I need to switch some things up.  Apparently, grief, combined with stress and lack of sleep, wear the body down, did you know this?  I kid.

So, here we are and today.

I'm glad I had this girl to snuggle all day.

 I hit RESET.

As a result:
I did no laundry.
Went to the library for a mere 45 minutes.  Books for the babe.
We ate leftovers for lunch and dinner.
And I went to bed right after dinner (at 6pm). Thus, I'm awake again now at midnight. (After 6 hours rest.)
The lack of momentum today actually felt good.  I had a revelation that, it does no one any good for me to over do it and be sick.  Lesson learned.  I hope.

What do you do to keep your life, body and mind in balance?  I love suggestions.


NicholsSouth said...

Stress will make you so sick. :( When I had miscarriages, I made myself so sick. I had 3 different kinds of sores in my mouth at the same time and it was so bad I couldn't eat. I lost so much weight. And it was all stress. I realized that I needed to keep my outlet at my fingertips. I bake and/or run. So hubs and I just make sure we both have time to ourselves so we can, as you said, reset. Good luck. It's still a struggle for me. :)

Nicole said...

Urgent care? Oh, no! It's so easy to run yourself into the ground. I have no idea how to prevent that. I go to the gym or take myself out to eat somewhere fabulous or new, but I'm still a crazy mess. And, yes, it's amazing what 8 solid, uninterrupted hours of zzz's can do for your health. It renews your whole outlook on life! How I need that, too, right now! Hope you feel better this week, Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

As a busy mom, it is so easy to get run down. I like to schedule down time. Whether that is time every afternoon or an entire day once a week. Pajama days are quite nice now and again also!
Luv ya, Lori

The Edison's... plus two! said...

poor you. I was sick for a SOLID 3 months over the Holidays (before Thanksgiving and through the New Year)... try slowing down then! It all ended with 6 antibiotics and a broken rib... don't go there!!! When all was said and done my body needed rest and the same thing, to reset! I know it's easier said than done, but let the laundry pile and the floors collect... it will all get done one day;). I hope you get well and your little Chloe and Kevin are taking great care of you! The Edison's send our love you way. xo

The Locklins said...

Oh wow, I can only imagine the heartache. I'm so glad you have found ways to balance here and there. I'm slowly finding mine and doing less when I can.

The Locklins said...

It is so fun to watch your family grow. I'm glad we can keep up online.

The Locklins said...

Nicole, you are so great! I know you will get some much needed rest after your big day. I often lament about how the week after our wedding was the best sleep I had ever had. All the stress and excitement behind you and all the glow of newly married life. I'm feeling much better and so excited to celebrate with you tomorrow!

The Locklins said...

That is a great idea. I'm going to schedule myself some down time this week. I've never really done that sine becoming a mom. It used to be a no-brainer. Thanks for reminding me. Love you, Lori!

The Locklins said...

Oh man, Jessi! A broken rib and 6 antibiotics! I don't want to go there. I'm so sorry to hear you were so sick. I hope you've recovered completely and don't go back there. It's hard to be a mama and be sick. I'm feeling like a new lady the last couple days. Thanks for the love!

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