Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday.

On Sunday, we went to church to celebrate all Easter signifies.  I cried as we watched the little kids sing in the choir, felt gratitude for sacrifices and deeply missed my mom.  I'm a softy like that. 

Then we strolled around town,
stopped to smell the flowers, and
were happy to see signs that businesses still believe in tradition.

We wore cute spring shoes (us girls, anyway),
saw bunny shaped trees!
dined at Whole Foods,
enjoyed basket surprises and a (last minute) egg hunt.

We (he) watched golf online,
read books,
cleaned up the after-math,
and wore matching (cheesy-some may say) dresses.  I had to do it at least once.  And nope I did not make them, although I wish I could.  Every woman at church asked me that.  One day I'll learn to sew.

The day was simple, sweet, unlike any Easter from the past.  But the three of us had one another and that was (is) enough.

And have I mentioned the way our little bloom says, bunny?  It's so darn darling!  I'll have to record it.  Bunnies might be taking over as her new favorite these days.  


Elizabeth said...

You two are super cute in your matching dresses.

I'd like to learn to sew domeday, too. I'd definitely be making some matching things for my little girl and I. :)

The Locklins said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! It's so fun to doll up my liitle lady.

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