Friday, September 17, 2010

surprise guest

yesterday was my 41 week appointment, the one we were hoping we wouldn't need to go to.  well, it came and passed.  the good news is that the non-stress test and exam, baby and i are doing well.  her heart rate, movements, size are all healthy and my amniotic fluid levels are high.  so she's pretty comfortable  or she's already learned the term, fashionably late.

i started some homeopathic herbs to help get things moving and i'm wearing a belly binder that is to encourage her to head south.  we have an appointment for monday morning to begin a natural induction, if she doesn't arrive before then.  cross your fingers!  and toes.

after my appointment we met up with our doula becky and her family for milkshakes.  her husband ryan is so nice and their kids, let's just say adorable doesn't even touch it!  they are too cute and sweet.  it was nice to relax and talk about the appointment and what's next.  did anyone know that they have milkshake happy hour at ruby's diner?  well they do!  half off shakes.

little did i know but kevin and my dear friend roxana had been talking all week about her surprising me with a visit after my appointment.  so, when we arrived home...there she was with a purple orchid in hand with her beautiful, bubbly smile.  and of course, extra spoiling for chloe with little leggings and a madonna onesie.  she is extraordinarily thoughtful and is truly one of my dearest friends.  we ordered pizza, and stayed up late talking and giggling.  kevin even joined in.  it was the perfect surprise and pick me up!  those two know me so well. 

me & my lump after breakfast at cafe encante.
the sneaky surprisers, you two know me so well.

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The Edison's... plus two! said...

i love this! all my fingers and toes are crossed for you! i want you to meet your beuatiful baby girl before monday:). good luck!

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