Thursday, September 9, 2010

the big 4-0h!

Ready for my appointment at 40 weeks.
today was my 40 week appointment with my midwife and all is looking good.  both baby and i are healthy, fluid levels look great, my blood pressure is normal, her heartbeat is strong and i have signs of progression.  our little lady just has to let us know when she's ready.  i admit tonight i tried to coax her a bit by reading a couple of favorite stories to her in the nursery this evening.

i feel much more relaxed about her coming now that the "due date" has nearly passed.  not sure why i felt the pressure big time.  perhaps it's the fact that she is doing a headstand on my pubic bone right now...ouch!  hopefully she'll engage completely soon.  after reading to her i continued getting caught up on my motherhood studies.  ina may gaskin's books have been great resources so far.  hopefully, some exciting baby news soon.
A gift from sweet Jeannie, with adorable illustrations.

A childhood favorite and baby shower gift from my sister Sara.

I also recommend, her Guide to Childbirth.

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