Sunday, September 19, 2010

the perfect support

well, i don't wanna sound like a bragger but i have to say, i feel so lucky to have kevin by my side throughout (life) and this pregnancy.  no matter how many times i've started to feel down or unsure about my ability or strength to be a mother he has supported me through every wavering emotion and given me a huge boost of confidence in the meantime.  i'm sure this can only be a great sign of what to expect as we learn how to be parents together. 

today, was not unlike what i mentioned above.  we both have had a rough couple of weeks and nights sleeping.  kevin's chemotherapy treatments and hydration leave him feeling tired and keep him running to the bathroom almost as often as his pregnant wife.  so you can only imagine how bed time is at our place.  a series of trips back and fourth throughout the whole night.  both of us being extra concerned for eachother's welfare so we are always checking to be sure the other is alright. 

and my 41 week and 3 day pregnant body is getting a little more tired by the several ways.  though i feel ridiculous even mentioning that i'm tired or ready for this part of the pregnancy to be over when i think of all kevin and my mom have been through this year.  my discomfort seems so petty.  especially when i think of all the joy i've also experienced in the meantime.  well, for whatever it's worth i am ready to welcome this baby to my arms see her beautiful face.  i've been so confident in my ability to give birth to her naturally but as the last couple days have gone by i have found myself getting nervous about the unknown and about motherhood.  i don't doubt that this is normal but it's kind of a bummer.

so today, as i broke down and told kevin how ready i was for this part to be over and how it feels like a million years have gone by these last 10 days.  he held me and nearly instantly helped me remember how capable i am and how proud his of me and my strength throughout this year.  he already makes me feel like a good mom...which is so helpful when you are a novice.  i just have to say...he really is the perfect support.  


The Edison's... plus two! said...

first of all you are going to be such a wonderful mother... i don't think you have anything to worry about. when you see that precious little face you will instantly feel the need to protect her for the rest of her life (kevin too) and that will make you superb parents! i envy both of your strength... you are two remarkable people. good luck. you are in our thoughts and prayers. love to your family and your sweet baby girl. xoxo

Krystal said...

You guys are amazing :) Hang On Little Tomato! The perfect song for moments like these. (Pink Martini, you'll love them)

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